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Build A Black Belt Body© 

I'm Ready!

I want to learn how I can transform my body & reclaim my life! I'm ready to join the tribe at Iron Lotus Gym. Please sign me up for the Build A Black Belt Body kickstart course kicking off in April 2023

How I went from fatigued, frazzled and fat at age 24,

to fit, firm and feeling fabulous at 55...


By the time I was 24, I felt awful, had no energy and was downright depressed.  I was working tons of hours and had gained a lot of weight due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise.  I believed I was ugly and was so emotionally drained that I went months without putting on makeup. I lived in baggy clothes.  I was completely uncomfortable and unhappy. I was definitely not living the life I wanted.  


Then I discovered martial arts and and not long after that, yoga.  I soon realized I could take everything I was learning through my Black Belt training and I could apply it to all areas of my life.  At that point, everything changed. I was able to turn things around and reclaim my life! 


Today  I use what I've learned to motivate, train and inspire others to create a life where they can be 100% the person they were designed to be– physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The good news is that you don't have to spend 3 decades earning a master level Black Belt to get what you want! 


Hi! I'm Sandy.  First, here are a few facts about me...


  • I am probably a lot like you. I am over 40 (55, now), I work full time and I have a crazy busy schedule.

  • I was once 35 pounds heavier and I know the pain of being overweight and out of shape.  

  • I have faced health challenges, injuries, and hormone imbalances. I've learned that many times we can heal ourselves with the proper nutrition and unorthodox therapies.  This motivated me became a Certified Nutritional Therapist.

  • I have co-owned a martial arts school for over 30 years and have had the opportunity to work with thousands of students.  I not only teach martial arts, but fitness classes, tai chi, and yoga.

  • I am a 7th degree Black Belt (Ernie Reyes' West Coast/World Martial Arts Association.)

  • I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200).

  • I am fit, strong and healthy but I don't believe you have to work out until you puke in order to look and feel good.  I am a certified personal trainer and I believe that having a smart nutrition and fitness plan is more productive than thrashing your body at the gym or starving yourself.

  • My life is not perfect.  I've faced adversity and have struggled but I'm able to achieve many goals due to the life skills I learned through my martial arts and yoga practice. 

  • I am not a fitness model. I try to stay in good condition but I'm a regular person who has found a formula for staying fit.  For me, I am not motivated by looking good– I am motivated by feeling good– having the energy to accomplish my goals and live my life to the fullest.

  • I believe creating harmony and balance between all aspects of your life is the formula for creating whatever you want!


Build a Black Belt Body© 


Why most diet and exercise plans fail...

Through my own experiences and those of my students, I've found that most diet and exercise plans fail! Most self improvement plans fall by the wayside! There are literally millions of plans and products out there to get the results you want. They might work... IF you were a ROBOT!!! 


Unfortunately, there is much more to creating a healthy body than thousands of miles on the treadmill and lots of green veggies. 

You are more than your body... 

What most programs don't have is a plan for connecting the mind, the emotions, the body, and the spirit. The Build a Black Belt Body© program is the solution for those seeking to create a balanced, happy and successful life.  

I believe we are created to be whole physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The spiritual is not separate from the mental.  The physical is not separate from the emotional. It's all connected.  

Your physical body is a reflection of what’s going on inside your head. Your beliefs, memories, habits, self-image, attitude, thoughts, fears, and personal fulfillment all make up your life experience and have a direct impact on your health and well-being.


My Build a Black Belt Body© program teaches you how to...

  • Train your brain and conquer your emotions in order to take charge of your body. 

  • Use the process of physical transformation as a blueprint for creating everything you want from life.  By striving for physical mastery, you'll develop life mastery!

  • Learn from ancient philosophies, techniques and success skills common to the practices of martial arts and yoga.

  • Use current scientific research on fitness, nutrition, psychology and the science of the          brain to reach your fullest potential on ALL levels.

What you will receive...

  • Unlimited classes at Iron Lotus Gym

  • Complete Fitness Assessment Each Month

  • Custom Meal Plan and Guide

  • Food Journal

  • Membership in a Facebook Support Group

  • Weekly Lifestyle Coaching

  • Use of Weight Training equipment and plan

  • Workbook : Conquer Your Mind

  • Workbook : Master Your Emotions

  • Weekly Videos, E-Mails, and Motivation

The Build A Black Belt Body© Transformation Course is offered 3 times per year in January, April and September, however you can start your personal journey at Iron Lotus Gym any time. Our next available Kickstart starts in January 2024

for less than $25 per week! Click here to reserve your spot. Sign up today!

Sandy Hughes, owner, Iron Lotus Gym
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