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One hour of power! Learn all the basic kicks and punches from kickboxing in this sweat pouring, fat burning cardio workout or try our WARRIOR WORKOUT which is half kickboxing bag work and half circuit training using a variety of equipment including weights, kettlebells, battle ropes, etc. Includes bag work. Gloves required.


The ancient art form of disciplined exercise to bring awareness and knowledge of your body with breathing techniques. increases energy, strength, stamina, flexibility and peace of mind. One hour.

Step & Pump

Use of aerobic steps with a strength training twist for fun, fat-burning  & a blast from the past! 30 minutes.



Trainer-led shadow boxing combinations, mitt work, and interval training. Boost your heart rate and burn hundreds of calories!


Combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves synced to original music.  A demanding class that works the whole body.

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Iron Lotus Gym Kickboxing Class
Iron Lotus Gym Yoga Class
Iron Lotus Gym Warrior Workout Class
Iron Lotus Gym, Dance & Pound
Sword HIIT at Iron Lotus Gym

Black Belt Body BURN

A boot camp style class that changes every single day!. BURN uses kickboxing & martial arts, weight training, calisthenics, plyometrics and more to get you in the best shape possible. BURN uses a variety of equipment including heavy bags, exercise bands, weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, steps, and more to help you develop strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility in one fun, action-packed class!


Tai Chi

Through its gentle, flowing movements, this low-impact martial art from China promotes health and stress-relief while teaching classic Chinese self-defense skills. 45 minutes.

Sword HIIT

A high-intensity class incorporating a full body workout using a unique piece of equipment from the martial arts--a wooden practice sword! 45 minutes.


The “melting pot” of martial arts—the grappling of Brazilian Jujitsu, the striking of Thailand’s Muay Thai and Korea’s Tae Kwon Do and the stick and knife techniques from the Philippines. Earn your black belt! MMA membership & equipment required. 45 minutes.

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