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I don't think there are enough words to describe how amazing Iron Lotus Gym is, KJN Sandy Hughes has researched and made Iron Lotus a gym that is not only fun and offers so many different workouts and arts but a place where positivity is first. The nutritional information you receive will help you tremendously. Everyone works together, supports each other and becomes your friend. You enter with a smile on your face and leave with even a bigger one. Definitely a 5 star facility.

Kay Gregory

Gallatin, TN

At 50 yrs old I decided that I now have time to do something just for me and I'm loving the challenge!!! I love pushing my personal limits and trying new things!!!! It's great at ILG because it's not a competition, instead it's about people encouraging each other!

Joannie Borden

Gallatin, TN

This program is amazing! In October 2014, my heaviest recorded weight was 361 pounds. I am sure my weight was higher than that because I avoided going to the doctor, stepping on the scale, having my photo taken and even looking at myself in the mirror. In May 2015, I attended Sandy's nutrition seminar with my daughter. Afterwards, my husband and I spent time discussing the information. We made the decision to completely change how we eat. As time went on, my weight started going down. In September, I decided to try a free kickboxing class. In the past, I have not been big on trying new things but thought why not. The class was great. I was made to feel welcomed and that I could do it at my pace as long as I was moving. A week later, I enrolled in my first Build a Black Belt Body program. We learned about mastering our minds when it comes to eating and our body. As a group, we have learned together, laughed together, lifted each other up in moments of weakness, shared tips to make things easier and all become stronger and healthier together. I am truly thankful for the Build a Black Belt program. My life is forever changed for the better. As of today, I have lost 74 pounds and over 25 total inches. I have gained friends (who are like family), a new found desire for exercise and a stronger desire to master my emotions and mind when it comes to my health and well being.

Leslie Cheesman

Gallatin, TN

Sandy Hughes is a phenomenal woman who puts everything into providing excellent service that will touch your heart as well as get your body in shape! There's nothing but success in the future of Iron Lotus Gym!!

Gail Gordon

Cincinnati, Ohio

Iron Lotus Gym is a very positive and fun atmosphere! You'll meet great folks here that will become like family. This place has become a life changing deal for me!!

Angela Bryant

Castalian Springs, TN

I have loved the Black Belt Body program, met inspirational and wonderful women, and the awesome Sandy leads us.  I have never enjoyed exercise so much.  We all support each other and celebrate each others victories big and small. If you're ready to literally get your body moving and learn about yourself and nutrition all at the same time, check it out!

Suzanne Pierce

Gallatin, TN

It's a great place. Love the friendships made, the fun I have, and the sweat that pours from an excellent workout! Love Sandy Hughes for taking the time to expand her dream and business but also in expanding the nutritional information that has changed my life and the life of others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Carrie Jones

Castalian Springs, TN

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