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Gratitude: From "Have to" to "Get To"

With Thanksgiving soon approaching, many of us are thinking more about how thankful we are for blessings such as our homes, careers, and most of all our loved ones. Have you ever thought about the part gratitude plays when it comes to your health and fitness goals?

Gratitude is an extremely powerful emotion. An attitude of gratitude totally changes your thinking and can move your mindset from “have to” to “get to”.

Doing something because we should is usually not a powerful enough reason. We grumble to ourselves because we "have to" to workout or "have to" eat our vegetables when all we feel like doing is laying on the couch eating chips. Even when we actually do what we should and show up for that kickboxing class, we aren't getting the full benefit of the workout because we aren't pairing right thought with right action.

The next time you catch yourself grumbling to yourself because you "have to" go for a run, think about all the people in this world who are in wheel chairs or hospital beds who would do absolutely anything to "get to" get up and go for a run. Change your thinking and truly appreciate having a body that is capable of such a wide variety of exciting physical activities.

Whenever you're feeling deprived because you "have to" eat broccoli instead of fries, remember that there are people starving in third world countries who would celebrate "getting to" eat a green vegetable. Take a moment and give thanks for food that nourishes you and you "get to" live in a country where you have so many fresh, healthy, clean foods to choose from.

Finally, you "get to" choose from so many resources available to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals: books, internet, health and wellness professionals, classes, friends and family. We are so blessed to have information and education literally at our fingertips.

When we focus on being grateful, our beliefs change and we know that we are truly blessed because we "get to" feel good about the decisions we make. We "get to" live to our highest potential. And we "get to" create the life we deserve.

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